Culture and Traditions in Spain

Spain’s culture is one of the world’s most abundant and diverse cultures. Therefore, if you’re planning to go to Spain, learning some essential points of etiquette can allow you to feel more comfortable and have more pleasant interactions with the neighborhood. Although Spain is a lot small in comparison to…

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Spanish Football, La Liga.

If you’re ever in Spain and you consider yourself just a little bit interested in sports, you have to watch a game from the top tier football league in Spain, La Liga. The two most popular football clubs in the world are from spain, we have Barcelona (Barcelona) and Real…

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Red wine

Spain and its Wine – The Priorat Region

Outstanding wine is a part of Spain that is deeply rooted in its culture and history. Many tourists visit the country of Spain not only to enjoy its white beaches, clear sea, or delicious tapas but also to explore the wonderful world of Spanish wine. Many places offer traditional wine…

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Best Things to Do In Spain

  Drinking Wine People that visit Spain find that Spanish wines have great quality and are very affordable. Wines made in Spain include reds, whites and sparkling wines, which means that there is something for any taste. If you want a really authentic experience, go to a tavern or a…

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Food in Spain

  Spain is one of the largest countries in Europe. The residents of Spain belong to a number of different ethnic groups and Spanish cuisine is as diverse as its population. If you think that all you will find in Spain is heavy, medieval-style food, you will be very surprised.…

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Why Visit Spain?

  For many years Spain has been one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe. Both Europeans and visitors from other parts of the world love coming to Spain. One of the reasons for it is that Spain is a great choice for almost everyone, for families with kids,…

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