Spanish Football, La Liga.

If you’re ever in Spain and you consider yourself just a little bit interested in sports, you have to watch a game from the top tier football league in Spain, La Liga. The two most popular football clubs in the world are from spain, we have Barcelona (Barcelona) and Real Madrid (Madrid). Year after year these two teams dominate both the domestic league and the Champions League, which is a football tournament for the best football clubs in Europe. You can find a cheap and good flight at, if you ever have any trouble they are always happy to help.

The current squads of each teams are probably the best football line ups there’s ever been. The most valued player on each team is considered the greatest player of all time day after the other. In Barcelona it’s about Lionel Messi (#10) and in Real Madrid it’s Cristiano Ronaldo (#7). These two players have inspired millions of people to start watching and playing football and there’s at the moment not a single player who’s even remotely close to reach their skill level.

To watch a game of these two players against each other is one of the biggest matches in the world of football, El Classico (Barcelona vs Real Madrid). This match has hundreds of millions of people watching by TV, but this match is only beat by one other football match.

The most popular football match to see is the one between Manchester United and their rivals Liverpool.


If you’re in Spain and want to watch football and might not have the money to spend on watching one of the most expensive matches in the world of football it’s ok. The overall quality of La Liga is insanely high and it’s probably the best football league in the world. To watch a game at the stadium of a mid table team doesn’t really cost that much, it’s about 50 euro/person.

In the El Classico there’s a huge rivalry and each and every time they face each other it’s a great match to see. They’re often filled with lots of drama and insane skills and beautiful dribbles and goals. The crowd at either the Bernabeu stadium (Real Madrid home turf) and Nou Camp (Barcelona home turf) can take in over 70’000 fans who’s going to sing amazing supporter songs throughout the entire game. It’s a party you won’t wanna miss.