The Digital Workplace Revolution in Spain

Let’s face it. whilst the digital workplace revolution in Spain started over a decade ago, the Covid pandemic was a game-changer. With lockdown measures in place, companies that had not switched to digital workplaces had to invest in new tools. Interestingly, more and more companies are sticking to digital workplaces post-pandemic to cut overhead costs related to commuting and renting expansive premises.

What is a Digital Workplace?

For starters, a digital workplace, also known as an online workspace, is a platform that replicates a traditional office environment but in the digital world. The infrastructure comprises online tools and software that facilitate collaboration and communication without geolocation restrictions. For example, most Spanish marketing agencies turned to digital workspaces so that designers, content writers, web developers, and other staff could work in tandem from the comfort of their homes.

Omnia is one of the most popular digital workplace solutions in Spain. The platform has all the tools businesses need to streamline the new work-from-home norm. It has been adopted by large enterprises, mid-sized companies, small businesses, and even government institutions. Omnia has all the tools for effective communication and collaboration, which are critical dynamics in remote work. It also has a suite of tools for knowledge sharing, employee engagement, and business management.

The Future of Digital Workspaces in Spain

In Spain, more companies are realizing that digital workspaces have so many advantages. They offer optimum flexibility, increase productivity, and streamline communication.

Covid in Spain has been contained and is likely to go away, but digital workplaces are not going anywhere.