VPNs and Proxies: Access the Best Nicotine Pouches Discounts in Spain

No doubt, nicotine pouches are the order of the day almost globally. This is with the exception of countries that have banned nicotine pouches, among other nicotine products.

For others like Spain, nicotine pouches rules have just been relaxed, but there are not so many sellers, so the prices are high, obviously within the confines of the demand and supply debate. If you are in Spain, one disadvantage is you can’t access the fantastic discounts offered by other international sellers in countries such as Sweden, where nicotine pouches markets are flooded.

Geolocked Discounts

Sellers in countries such as UK and Sweden offer discounts based on users’ geolocation. But the fact that the Spanish market is still growing, most sellers have a monopoly, so they don’t offer discounts as huge as those offered in other markets. They use several techniques to profile customers based on geolocation.

A good example is during the last Black Friday when Nordic Spirit snus attracted discounts of up to 60% in Sweden, but in Spain, the average was 30%.

So, how can you get nicotine pouches discounts if you are in Spain?

VPNs and Proxies

If you want to get the ultimate nicotine pouches discounts, you have to buy from sellers in countries where the industry has already blossomed. The safest way is to use a VPN or proxy to spoof your location.

With a VPN or proxy, you can get an IP address of a country where sellers offer the best discounts. These two systems also hide your entire activity, so you can enjoy the high discreetly.