The Role of Rugs in Spanish Home Design

Spain is a great nation to relocate to as it offers citizens a variety of perks. This includes reliable social programmes and holiday weather. Once an ex-pat has made a move to Spain, they should redesign the interior of their new home. This can be done in a way that expresses their unique personality while still conforming to Spanish stylistic tastes. A high-quality rug needs to be purchased so that it can make the floor look aesthetically pleasing. This can be provided by Trendcarpet. Their site has such an extensive catalogue that it may be challenging to know where to start. There are several factors that can be considered in order to narrow down the choice.

Round Rugs are the Superior Choice

People may be tempted to choose rugs that have a rectangle shape as these tend to be the standard type of rug on the market. However, utilising the round rugs from Trendcarpet will give the interior design more of a Spanish vibe. Visitors flock to this country because of the climate, which features bright sunny weather and lots of warmth. A circular rug can act as a representation of the Spanish sun. This shape also tends to make a room appear more spacious.

The Right Pattern

There are many patterns that go well in Spanish homes. This is due to the fact that Spanish culture is so rich that it has plenty of artistic influences. Therefore the homeowner will have many choices when it comes to picking a pattern that suits their particular room. Some spaces will look better with a classic design, such as stripes or diamonds. Other interiors will be more enhanced by the use of an asymmetrical abstract pattern. Another influence could be the additional elements that will fill up the space. This includes furniture and wall art. The chosen design should be consistent with the overall look of the room.

The Best Colour Combinations

The interior design of Spain is often influenced by the surrounding natural landscape. This includes the stunning Mediterranean coast. Many designers will base their colour palettes on this area. Therefore, combinations of blue, green, white and brown are regularly mixed together. There are rugs within the Trendcarpet catalogue that conform to these colour schemes. They are ideal for new Spanish homes that need to hark back to the classic styles of the country. If homeowners want their interior to have more of a regal feel, then they could instead go for a white/gold or black/gold combination. Doing so will give it the atmosphere of a historical Spanish palace.