Choosing Plants for Your Home in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country that is rich in nature and culture. Much history can be found in this Mediterranean country, along with a lot of natural beauty. If you have a home in Spain, it’s likely that you’ll want it to incorporate some of the local natural beauty so that the features are truly shown off. Using plants can be a great way of bringing in some nature to your Spanish home.

Research Local Plants

To truly incorporate some Spanish flavor into your home, you’ll need to research what the local plants are. Walking around the neighbourhood can be a good way of getting a feel for the kind of plants and trees that occupy the space, including the colors they typically have. Once you have an idea of the kind of plants that are specific to your region of Spain, you can begin looking into ways of introducing them to your home.


Before you purchase any plants, you’ll want to consider how they’ll blend in with your overall design. You don’t want to choose plants that would clash with your chosen color scheme or would stand out in a negative way. Plants should add something to the home rather than being an eye-sore and looking misplaced. Spanish homes tend to have more natural, and rustic, designs and the color schemes reflect this. Whites, yellows and earthy tones of brown are often a good choice, and green plants can nicely complement this.

Taking Care of Your Plants

It’s great to introduce plants to your home to provide a more nature-based feel, however, it’s important that you consider the proper ways of looking after any plants you do decide to have. As plants are natural species, it’s important that they’re provided with water and light to survive and look good. Apps such as plant care app can help with taking care of plants.